Success Stories as a Tech or Inspector

I stated Empower RV after completing the RV Inspection course to help prospective new owners identify problems before they took possession. While at NRVTA, I also passed my Registered Technician Test which allowed me to add a small repair option to my platform.

I never thought I would really use that license but man, I was wrong! When people find out you have any level of RV training and especially repair knowledge, there is NO hiding it! I gradually started testing my knowledge in repair basics on our own rigs and much to my pleasure, I actually had an inkling of what I was doing. My knowledge base grew and I continued to add to my skills by offering my services at the women's camping events I attended.

7 months after my Inspector Certification, I began working towards my Certified Technician Certification. For me it's a longer process than it should be because I'm fitting in the classes around work, family, and financial responsibilities. I'm finding that through the Advanced Tech courses, I have a much better understanding of the systems and components I see when out completing inspections for clients. In truth, it makes me a better inspector!!

Business has been steady. I turn down more jobs than I take only because my home and family are my first priority. Since I've added the tech classes to my calendar, I have less time for inspections. Interestingly enough though, other doors have opened since I've taken a step back from inspections. Adding the technical knowledge to my skill set is actually providing me an opportunity I had never really considered!

The biggest achievement with my business is working in a field I love. I'd be out in the camping world even without my certifications so the fact that I get to combine the two is just a bonus!

I do need to pay homage to the most rewarding aspect of my new new career, education. I'm a former teacher, certified in Pre-K through 12th grades. One of my most rewarding and growing focuses with Camp Safe RV is the movement to educate women in the RV industry. It's clear there is a lack of representation of women but I believe that is changing through the opportunities that NRVTA is providing! I found a place where I can learn everything I could possibly want to know about RV's and then I'm given the support from NRVTA to go out and make something of myself in this booming industry! Well, I have done just that! I've partnered with a fellow female inspector, Brenda Puckett with Queen Bee RV, and for the last year we have been working on a curriculum of basic RV maintenance, skills, and knowledge that we believe all RVers should have before hitting the road. Although our current events are female focused, the curriculum is relevant to everyone. We provide educational seminars and hands-on training events around the country and absolutely LOVE EVERY MINUTE!

I think the greatest thing I learned by going through the program is that even though I may not have had an extensive background in electrical or mechanical maintenance, it's never too late to learn! In fact, I find it fun and it's rewarding when I have the answer that even some men don't. I just makes me feel good, you know? We all need an atta girl every so often, it's human nature!

If you are on the fence about starting this program, don't be. The men that will undoubtedly outnumber the women in the classroom are generally all in the same boat as you! Everyone is there to learn and most find it pretty amazing that there is a woman in the class and have mad respect for you. The instructors and TA's are there to support, teach and guide you into your new career and by the time you leave, you'll wonder why you ever had any doubts to begin with!

What are you waiting for???? Get started!!!!

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